Our overnight camping stop in Wallingford

Address: The Bridge Villa Camping Park, The Street, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8HB

You will need to provide your own tent and camping equipment. We’d recommend a small pop up tent which you can easily put up and take down. These can be shipped from A&A prior to the event start or transported by A&A from the event start line at ILE.

Event Facilities

Bridge Villa is where you will find your very own team pitch for camping, a delicious range of food and drink, toilet/shower facilities. You can enjoy live music and entertainment with the other participants and sponsors.
With an evening bar which is set to keep the day 1 celebrations going!

Food and Beverages

Lunch, Dinner, breakfast will be provided with vegan/vegetarian options.
(2 beers included and free tea and coffee)

There will also be an evening cash bar open on site. (Bring some pennies with you)

Bag/Bike Storage

There will be no facilities for storing your bags, bikes or valuables at the campsite.
You will need to keep your bikes and valuables on your camp pitch or with you. The campsite gates will be locked at night for added security. Your bike and possessions will be ‘your own responsibility’. It is recommended that you bring a small chain/lock to lock your possessions and bikes together should you decide to leave the campsite at anytime.

Changing/Shower Facilities

There will be changing and shower facilities at the campsite. We recommend you arrive ready to ride and bring a toothbrush, towel, fresh kit for day 2, evening clothes and warm clothes for your trip home afterwards.​


There are toilet facilities available on the camp site. We will recommend some public toilet locations along the route but would recommend you stopping at a café/pub if you see one. (To go to the toilet, not for a pint!)
Camping gear

Participants will need to bring their own tent and associated camping gear. This either needs to be sent to A&A prior in the week to the event or bought with you to the start line. A&A will also be responsible for transporting bags from the start line to the campsite free of charge.