What is the wording of LICCC standard terms and conditions?

By entering this ride you agree to be bound by the following conditions: I understand that this event is not a race and I must obey the Highway Code and the following rules of the ride: I will show consideration and courtesy to other road users and pedestrians. I will not ride more than two abreast/cross the centre line of the road, attempt any dangerous overtaking or ride on pavements or footpaths, except where clearly instructed. I will clearly signal my intention to turn right or left and will not brake abruptly. On downhill sections I understand that I should moderate my speed and not attempt any dangerous overtaking. I understand that all riders MUST wear a cycling helmet. (Helmets conforming to BS standards).
I understand that any electronic maps produced are for guidance only and that I should follow all directional signage in the first instance. I understand that marshals will provide assistance but I remain responsible for deciding when it is safe to proceed. Cycling can be a dangerous activity and I accept that the organisers cannot be held responsible for personal injury, accident, loss, damage or public liability. We recommend that all riders have both bike and personal liability insurance, please check your household insurance or visit www.cyclinguk.org/insurance.

Once you have completed your discalimer please email it to: Reiss.Stygal@AA-Electrical.com


LICCC reserve the right to cancel/change the date of events/change the planned route and start and/or finish venue due to circumstances beyond its control. In the event of modification, cancellation or postponement of a ride, LICCC will offer a transfer to another event or a full refund. LICCC will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of such modification, postponement or cancellation. Riders aged 65 or over on the date of the ride, and any rider with a medical condition or unsure of their physical ability to take part in the bike ride, must take medical advice from a general practitioner prior to the event.

Entry fees are refunded only in the event of illness or if the event is cancelled due to covid-19 (minus the booking fee).

In this event, please return your registration ticket before the event with a covering letter. Riders are encouraged to raise money for the ride charity, who may contact the riders about this event and their work and other fundraising activities – riders can opt out of being contacted by the charity if required. Photographs taken on the route, either by the ride charity, LICCC or our event sponsors, may be used for publicity purposes by either of one these organisations. Please email us if you have any objections or concerns about this.