Kit Checklist


You’ll need a well-maintained, reliable and safe bike for your challenge.
We’d recommend a road or gravel bike with good road tyres to get you easily from point to point.


There’s no excuse for not wearing a helmet – you will not be able to take part without a helmet.


It is illegal to cycle in the UK without proper bike lights. At the very least you should have:

  • One steady, fixed front white light
  • One steady, fixed red light
  • Four reflectors, coloured amber.
    These should be fitted to each pedal so that one is clearly visible from the front and one is clearly visible from the rear. If you cannot fit reflectors to your pedals, then you can use a reflective trouser clip or band.

A Facemask and Hand Sanitiser

For your safety, it is highly recommended you wear and bring a facemask and hand sanitiser.
These can be purchased from A&A on the day should it be required.

High Visibility

In addition to lights, we strongly recommend that you wear bright clothing when cycling.
Preferably some fluorescent shorts and reflective items so that you are more visible to motorists.


The type of shoe you’ll need depends on your bike.  If you have a road bike which has clip in pedals you’ll need bike shoes with cleats that fit into your pedals. Otherwise we suggest a comfortable shoe that you’ll be happy wearing for the two days!

Cycling shirt

We would ask that you wear your LIC250CC custom cycling jersey.
This will help us to identify you on the road, should you encounter any problems and will help in getting some good pictures of you!

Cycling shorts

Padded shorts or a padded seat will help you feel more comfortable over the two days.

Water bottles

It’s important to make sure you stay hydrated on the road.
We will have stop points to refill but suggest you carry a minimum of 2 water bottles for the long ride!

Tyre pump

It’s really useful to have a hand pump which will allow you to fully inflate your tyres easily.

Spare tubes/puncture repair kit

Carry a spare inner tubes/puncture repair kit.
We will have a support vehicle on the route to assist but should the vehicle be busy we would recommend you carry your own puncture repair kit and bike toolkit with you.


It’s always useful to wear glasses to protect against wind and debris.
We’d recommend wearing a pair for both days!

Vaseline – ESSENTIAL

A quick smear of Vaseline in the right places will help to avoid chafing – essential for the LIC challenge.

Chain lube

Although you won’t need to take this on rides, it’s an essential bit of kit as it helps to keep your chain lubricated to so that your gears transition smoothly.


These are like eight spanners in one with fold out Allen key type tools which fit nearly every bolt on the bike. They are really useful if you want to change your riding position. Our support vehicles will be available but we’d recommend you carrying a tool so you can attempt to fix the problem straight away. We wouldn’t want you having to wait. Multi-tools can be purchased online from most bicycle stores or from A&A Electrical.


Cycling gloves tend to be fingerless with slight padding on the palm area, which help protect your hands from blisters, soreness and injury. Make sure you have a pair in case you fall off!

Bike computer

Whilst not essential, a bicycle computer can show you your speed, distance, cadence (pedal revolutions) and calories burned. It would also help to link your computer up to our strava LICCC group so you can follow the route easily. If you do not have a bike computer, you can use our route markers to find your way from point to point.

Change of clothes and essentials

We’d recommend bringing a change of clothes, toothbrush, towel and any essentials you may need for your overnight stay and cycle ride. If required, these can be sent to the campsite from A&A Electrical or from ILE on the day in an A&A support vehicle.
(PLEASE MAKE SURE THESE ARE DROPPED OFF NO LATER THAN 8th JULY TO A&A with your full company and contact details)


We recommend bringing energy bars/snacks for your ride.

Sun cream

Please make sure you use sun cream on both days of the events as we really don’t want you looking like a lobster on day 2 for the photos! Be safe and protect yourself.

Insurance – Optional but recommended

In case of the worst, we would strongly recommend that each rider takes out insurance.
Third Party liability insurance can be found for as little as £24 per year when you become a Cycling UK Affiliate member.

There are various options but we would recommend: