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My Story – Gary Poynter

Can you tell us why you have signed up to join the event?

Why did I sign up? Well, I have done many charity rides over the years (raising money for breast cancer, prostate cancer etc) but doing something for our industry was a welcome change. Having had a bad bout of Covid also with a short hospital stay last year, I needed to challenge myself to get my mojo back – and this was an ideal opportunity!

How is your training going so far?

Training?? Hmm, not so good….the weather has not been kind so I haven’t done my normal mileage. Hopefully come June I can start putting some miles in.

Why should others join in?

We should encourage more colleagues to join in and emphasise it’s a fun ride to be enjoyed. It’s not about speed and who gets to each stage completion first, it’s not a race. I have my own Apex team with our builders Drurycourt. We have approximately eight riders – some are not that experienced, but we will ride as a group so that we can complete the 250k smiling after a few beers on the way.

Why is the work of the Lift Industry Charity so important?

Without the work of the charity where would the individuals be without the assistance that they can give? That’s why this ride is important and every effort is made to maximise the money that can be raised.

Gary Poynter, Construction Director, Apex Lifts

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