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My Story – Ian Newman

Why have you signed up to join the event?

Over the past few years Pickerings Manchester Office have tried to do a few charity events, a couple of years ago we did the National 3 Peaks Challenge and smashed it raising thousands for a very good charity, last year a few of us was planning to do cycle challenge from coast to coast but due to Covid we couldn’t complete it, so when we heard about the Lift Industry Cycle Challenge we couldn’t resist from joining. To make the challenge for fun myself and Warren Griffin have decided to do this challenge on a Tandem!!

How is your training going so far?

I don’t even have a bike helmet and not really been on a bike for longer than 20 miles so this is a big change for me, I have had to come off the beers for 6 weeks and if anybody who knows me will tell you that’s a big effort! I have building up my rides every week with a 50 mile bike ride planned for this weekend, I have since bought a bike helmet, im on a diet plan and also in the gym 4 times a week so I am giving it all for this challenge.

Why should others join in?

I turned 50 last year and as I have said never been further that 20 miles on a bike ride, there is still plenty of time for people to join and start a good training plan, as it says it is not a race and plenty of people within this challenge have not done this before.

Why is the work of the Lift Industry Charity so important?

Any charity is important but the fact this is a Lift Industry Charity it make it more personal to us, the Lift Industry is a very close net, people move from company to company and its all one big family, it give us a chance to meet old friends and new friends within the industry, it will be a memorable few days.

Ian Newman – Pickerings Lifts

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