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My Story – Lionel Hutt

Why have you signed up to join the event?

For two reasons really – it is a personal challenge of mine. I was piling on the pounds during lockdown and thought it was about time that I did something positive to turn things around. I felt sluggish and lethargic, and when I heard about the Cycle Challenge I thought I’d set a goal and ‘get to it’. Now I’m completely bitten with the cycling bug!
I also feel that the UK Lift Industry Charity do a sterling job, and I thought that if I could participate in any way, then great!

How is your training going so far?

It started out well, and I was out most weekends slowly increasing my distances when four weeks ago, whilst out riding the lanes, ‘two bankers’ in a transit van ran me off the road. Bike repairs and healed injuries later, I’m back out and picking up where I left off and am even more determined than ever. Shame they got away!!

Why should others join in?

Not only is it for a very worthy cause, I’m sure there will be plenty of laughter and banter along the way, and I don’t mind being the ‘fat lad at the back’ as it’s not a race!

Why is the work of the Lift Industry Charity so important?

The sad recent loss of lift industry members during the pandemic is a sobering note for all, and the work this charity undertakes in assisting those left behind makes the Lift Industry Charity work all the more important.

Lionel Hutt, Sales Director – Kollmorgen

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