My Story

My Story – Reiss Stygal

How is your training going so far?

No Comment! I’ve actually only been out on the bike probably 15-20 times this year, and I’ve cycled to the pub probably 10 of those!
I am going to push myself over the next two months though. It’s a really nice route, which I’m really looking forward to.

Why should others join in?

A mini festival weekend, food, drink and entertainment all for £75. Who wouldn’t want to sign up to that?!
The LICCC is actually a great opportunity to work on your physical and mental health. Once your names down, it gives you something to work toward.
It’s a great reason to get back out there and enjoy yourself and it’s a bargain for a party night with the Industry.

Why is the work of the Lift Industry Charity so important?

Sadly I’ve already lost a close friend in the Industry and have seen a family member get seriously injured.
We always think ‘I’ll be fine’ but should the worst happen, the Lift Industry charity is always there.
The LIC will provide support to industry colleagues and their families should you become injured or sadly get killed whilst working.
It’s something we should all support!

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