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My Story – Warren Griffin

Why have you signed up to join the event?

Charity events are an annual occurrence at the Manchester office. We try and take a standard event and change it into something more of a challenge and a little bit different, it’s proven to be a good way of keeping the funds flowing. Our last event was the National 3 peaks challenge of course within 24 hours. It was a great success and we raised thousands of pounds for a local mental health charity. We were planning other events but like so many other people we had to cancel them, I’m sure this has impacted many charities that can only survive on the public’s generosity.

A charity cycling challenge seemed to fill the charity void perfectly. It’s a great opportunity to meet new and old friends in the lift industry whilst raising awareness and funds of a very important charity.

How is your training going so far?

Well, seeing as we only talked about this two weeks ago with Reiss Stygal and Peter Dewhurst and signed up a week ago, training has been somewhat limited. We have the tandem due for a service next week and are both getting some miles in individually. Phase 2 will be getting used to the bike and learning to work together.

Why should others join in?

I see the cycle challenge as an ideal opportunity for everyone to take part, the set up will cater for the more experienced rider as well as the social rider. If Ian and I can give it a go on a tandem, which we haven’t ridden before, I’m sure others can join! At the end of the day we are all in this to raise money for the Lift Industry Charity, something we all have a connection with.

Why is the work of the Lift Industry Charity so important?

Our industry can be very rewarding, it has a very good community ethos. The Lift industry Charity is an extension of this and allows all of us to work together to support those less fortunate than ourselves in times of need. The charity is growing every year and is developing in a way to best support the industry. Our support will help increase awareness and vital funding.

Warren Griffin – Pickerings Lifts

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