Check your bike

Before setting out it’s important that both you and your bike are fit for the LIC250CC challenge. Make sure all your brakes are working, chain is lubricated, tyres are pumped and gears are in check.

Fuel your body

Make sure you get plenty of rest the night before, eat plenty of carbohydrates before and after. Remember to stay hydrated, refilling water everywhere you can.

Build your stamina

Start by riding at least 150 minutes a week and when you feel ready to push yourself further, start introducing hills and some longer rides at the weekend. This should get you ready for the 250km challenge. It’s not a race, its about finishing the long distance each day that matters.

Plot your miles and research your route

Look over our route online, check the details on strava, work out what points you might need to take a break. Check that you have all the right equipment should you experience a problem with your bike or body!

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